Friday, June 11, 2010

Catching UP!!!! has been way too long since an update. We have been very busy with life. Maya is growing up too fast. How can I freeze time? We are on vacation right now. We got to spend time with the Mckenzie Crew yesterday and Megan Walker. It was great to meet all of them.. I am starting a new journey in the job world. The job I am at now is horrible and is causing me so much stress. I really hate 2 faced back stabbers and that is exactly what I work with now. So, I am moving on the better things. We have a trip planned in August to PA. This will our first time in this state. I am very excited to meet Laurie and her family.

Maya has just finished K3. She learned so much and made so many friends. She will be attending summer camp until August then starting K4. She now weighs 35lbs and is 38 inches tall. She has really grown over the past six months. Still dealing with the peanut allergy. Instead of getting better I think it is getting worse. She can't even be around kids that have eaten peanut products without choking up. Poor baby. she is getting sooooo very sassy!! Her favorite word is "sure"!! Favorite food is tomatoes......we are growing our own this year. Favorite toy is barbies, sandbox and dress up stuff. I love watching her play and try new things. She is learning to swim this summer also. She is like a fish, loves the water and she isn't scared of it at all. She also loves to ride her bike and play at the playground.

That's all for now.......Can't get pics to download.