Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today has started GREAT!! Maya got up with no problems today. It was a fruit loop morning for us both. We had to chase Judah around the house to take him out to potty. He thinks it all about playing!! Still no belt any where to be found. I searched this house yesterday. She didn't get in trouble yesterday. However, today she worr a cute pair of capris that didn't have belt loops. She wore a green shirt today for the first time. She looked adorable......sorry but I am just a bit partial...LOL!!! She is beautiful inside and out!! God couldn't have given me a more perfect child. Not saying she is perfect but she is a very good little girl with a huge heart for people.

That's all for now...........

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Greta Jo said...

Holy Cow. I can not believe it!
Welcome back... more photos please